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Monday, 26 October 2009

Warp20 by YES Studio

Commissioned by Warp, YES Studio and photographer Dan Holdsworth have collaborated to create a special series of images to celebrate 20 years of Warp Records – Warp20. A selection of these images are now available in limited numbers as editioned photographic prints.

Book Graphic Project by Rex Design

Friday, 23 October 2009

Installation Project

Will all Solve members please collect cardboard boxes + inspirations and ideas. We are uploading some examples of interesting pieces:

This cool typographic installations inspired us to launch a new project. Solv will collect a large number of cardboard boxes to create a set of installations in various environments.

When video games become reality...

Bellow are few examples of how video games can inspire contemporary artists and designers to do something completely new within this theme.
Exploring new technologies and playing with numerous disciplines they bring the video game to a completely new level.

Write here write now

I found this video randomly but thought it was actually pretty clever. She also has great hand writing,

Friday, 16 October 2009

CSS Website Design

Here is a great site that lists recent css websites designed by designers. The websites are ranked in quality, and most are very high quality, and are great for inspiration with how you can get the user to move around your website in different ways and interact. It is actually amazing what you can do on the web design wise now - some of these sites are totally wicked.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Company Mascot and logo research

When designing our logo we were inspired by the symbols used for the Playstation. They have become so iconic and recognisable that Sony Playstation no longer have to use their name in their adverts, just these symbols.

Identity work by Richard Robinson, a freelance graphic designer based in East London.

Logo mark and typography created for the Channel 4 project ‘Genius’ by YES, a graphic design studio based in East London.

We are proud to announce a new member of staff at Solv. He was found roaming the streets and is in desperate need of a name. Please share any suggestions!

Solv Philosophy

WE ARE SOLV, a newly established design agency made up of 10 designers from Edinburgh College of Art. We set out to create genuinely original work based on our key philosophies:

Our studio is defined by our philosophies and approach, not necessarily our style.

We look for varied outcomes.

We don’t immediately think about the final outcome, we are more interested in the process and the unexpected questions that arise during the development stages.

We don’t like things that look good for the sake of it. Meaning is what we look for.

Our approach is to reduce the message or idea to it’s essence so that it can then be visualized accordingly.

Clarity is also something we always strive for.

Each project is seen as a new start to create something original, not as another opportunity to apply the same in-house style that has been applied to every other project.

We find inspiration in everything. We believe restricting ourselves to using the design industry as the sole source of inspiration will only result in the recycling of other people’s ideas.

We mainly specialize in the design of printed matter.

Although our design agency always works as a team, we also encourage the individual’s personal projects on the side. Everybody is important to the company profit and success.