Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Visuals and projections

For the Solv event we need to think about how we recreate the club space with the use of unique lighting and projections. Above are some examples of how we might use LEDs or old neons lights to crete atmosphere.

In addition to film footage that would be projected behind the DJ there would be the possibility to use a second projector to display other imagery or text. This could be distorted somehow with the use of a mirror even.

Cool music graphics

These are just a few examples of nice music graphics I found from my iTunes music library to help get us inspired when it comes to our promotional material for the Wee Red event. I like the 'half-tone' effect that Tempa records (Skream's label) use on a lot of their vynal sleeves, almost as an identity. This effect has been used so much by amateurs getting use to photoshop and all the filters it has. Here i really think it works though, especially with the nostalgic imagery of the top design for Data.

1. Data
2. Hyperdub 5 mixtape
3. Justice
4. Skream

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show 2010

SOLV are currently working hard on the Edinburgh College of Art fashion Show. We have been designing the posters which will be put up around Edinburgh so it's good to think that all our hard work will be viewed by a huge number of people.

Although the deadlines are very tight for the poster, most of the work will be done when they are completed. The visual identity for the whole campaign will stem from the elements in the poster compositions. We will be posting examples of this work up here very soon. Our excuse for now can be that we're far too busy....

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


The distorted reflection of an object, which appears on various shapes, including cylinders and pyramids, have been analised and used by artists since 16th century. Although quite old, we have still found it very inspiring. The images below are photographs taken from Camera Obscura as well as from some library books...

Friday, 5 March 2010

Thursday, 4 March 2010

MassArts Collaboration

Solv are looking forward to a collaboration with a group of students from the Massachusetts School of Arts, visiting Edinburgh for a few days. The students had to fill in an application form to join our agency and one of the questions asked them to finish off the 'copyright' logo. Above are their creative responses.

ECA fashion show promotion....

Photos taken while we were shooting for the ECA fashion show promotion. The photos we took of these models will be cut up and combined with text to form layouts for the fashion show programme. They look quite strange in their current state but will hopefully form some interesting compositions.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Soulwax album covers

The image above is not actually a Soulwax cover but I thought it was still relevant for this post

These are pretty well known album covers for Soulwax and I thought they were so similar to what we are working on at the moment with our poster designs I thought I'd post them here for inspiration.

'Nite Versions' and 'Any Minute Now'